Written by Arc Innovations on Sep 11, 2023 in community

Arc Innovation is the proud supporter and sponsor of KPCS, also known as The Keagan Pillay Community Sporting Project. KPCS sponsors a school soccer team called PSG in Pretoria. Arc Innovations and KPCS have partnered together to play a crucial role in supporting young people and helping aspiring athletes develop their skills and passion for the game. ”Every young boy needs an escape, my goal for this project was to be their escape, to provide them with a place to get away from the negative world , a place that will give them a sense of belonging ,a place where your imperfections are okay, as long as you acknowledge it and work on it ” Keagan Pillay – founder of KPCS Keagan started this programme in 2013, to provide a safe environment for youth in his community to express themselves through fitness and sport. Arc Innovations recognises the importance of building the community and empowering the youth by creating a constructive environment for them to spend their time and energy.

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