ARC Innovations offers a range of services and products that are all driven by eco-innovation that provide solutions to, in particular, the construction industry.

Featured Product - Hybrid Cement

ARC Innovations was founded with the objective of pushing the limits of alternate solutions for the challenge of sustainable construction via the production of composite cements.

The development, commercialisation, and ultimately the use of hybrid cement technology provides for a far more sustainable and environmentally responsible process with the potential to replace traditional and widely used cement.

Hybrids are a type of inorganic polymer that can be formed at room temperature by using industrial waste or by-products as source materials to form a solid binder that looks like and performs a similar function to normal cement.

Thickness from 0 to 1000 mm


Ec0top 100% cement replacement.



97.5% of the Ec0grind is made from by-products with a similar reduction in carbon footprint. Self-bonding to almost any other material.



AGGBS is used a concrete within the construction and mining industry.

functions_and_applications_ground consolidation


Ec0TSL is a thin spray liner support product used in block cave mining as a method to enhance safety and productivity.


About 75mm depth on a single pass – Application set (immediately).

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Ec0seal 2008L is used mainly for the sealing and densification of concrete with significant benefits.



Ec0screed is for light to medium impact load and traffic areas where the subgrade is uneven, or an underlayment is required such as the following:



Ec0patch is a fine filled, cementitious mortar, specifically formulated for the repair of damaged concrete, covering joiner plates and similar applications. The specially selected cements contained in Ec0patch provide a mortar with strong adhesion to concrete and masonry substrates with negligible shrinkage. Ec0patch requires only the addition of water.

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Ec0binder is the base used in conjunction with most of our products. It’s not comparative to anything currently in the market with the closest item being low strength cements.



Ec0grout has many different uses and its robustness means that it can be used in pressure grouting, embedding rebar in masonry walls, connecting sections of pre-cast concrete, filling voids, sealing joints such as those between tiles, fill the space between two elements for bonding them, create a water-tight seal, in the repair of concrete cracks, to fill seams and gaps in tiles, seal and fill gaps for waterproofing, soil stabilization and to give extra strength to the foundations of load-bearing structures.


Each product in Arc Innovations Ec0tile range are rapid setting high strength cement based adhesives for fixing tiles to use on walls and floors.


Backfill Binder

ARC Innovations’ technical department has initiated several development programs to improve on the current product. The phase 2 product that we are looking to implement in 2021 will have a 0% bleed that is required to attain tight-fill and reduce the amount of water seeping through the rock or into excavations.

Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression


Bagged Cement (Variant 1)

Up to 80% Portland cement replacement with pulverised fuel ash (PFA), while maintaining setting times of a 100% Portland cement material and achieving the required compressive strengths of 32.5 or 42.5 categories as per SANS 501971-.

Bagged Cement (Variant 2)

Up to 95% Portland cement replacement with Ground granulated blast furnace Slag, (GGBS), while maintaining setting times of a 100% Portland cement material and achieving the required compressive strengths of 32.5 or 42.5 categories as per SANS 501971-.

Premix products utilising recycled materials for the retail market

Up to 100% replacement of conventional Portland or alumina cements with eco binders based on zero carbon emission material to produce flowable bearing grouts, repair mortars and screeds.

Trade of Carbon Credits

To equip clients with carbon emission savings to offset carbon tax in the
production of binders and construction materials such as bricks, grouts and

Radioactive Absorption

Produce eco-concretes and eco-grouts with sucient pseudo-zeolites to alter the hardened state properties to absorb nuclear radiation and particles.

Hydrocarbon Consumption

An organic based system that can absorb hydrocarbon spillage and produce edible fruit within a few weeks. Ideally suited for industrial and commercial sites that could have petrol, oil or diesel spillage.

Road Stabilisation (Variant 1)

An organic-based system that uses mechanical stabilization which is enhanced with exposure to environmental elements. Standard chemically stabilized roads using cementitious materials are compromised when exposed to water as they are diluted and eventually washed away resulting in potholes and road degradation.

Road Stabilisation (Variant 2)

An alternate zero carbon emission based eco-binder which binds subgrades according to chemical stabilisation.

Control-set Cement

Setting of cementitious materials can be controlled to achieve quick setting or retardation with the benefits associated with either.

Refractory Cements

Heat resistant concretes and linings can be produced while using the eco binders with good insulation properties.