Learn more about how ARC Innovations has been used during the construction of City Deep Container Terminal.

City Deep Container Terminal: 2013

Replacement of 70% cement with PFA as a standard for all the concrete slabs.

  • 3 sections of 100% cement replacement with 60% PFA and 40% GGBS, this was the first commercial application of alkali-activated concrete in South Africa at 100% cement replacement.
  • 100% recycling of the 77 000 m³ “old” concrete.
  • Runners-up of the prestigious Nedbank sustainability awards for 2014.
  • Compressive strengths at 28 days for the 70% replacement concrete averaged at 55MPa while the 100% replacement attained 51MPa with in excess of 30% reduction in material and labor costs.
  • Compressive strength at 1 year for the 70% replacement concrete averaged at 120MPa while the 100% replacement attained 75MPa.
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