Written by Arc Innovations on Jan 12, 2018 in Case Studies

Addendum A features a study conducted by Cyril N. Atwell that explores the distinct advantages of hybrid concrete based on results gathered from practical application of the products in three separate construction sites in Southern Africa since 2010.

These advantages include:

  • Lower costs environmentally.
  • Lower costs economically.
  • Better abrasion resistance.
  • Lower heat of hydration.
  • Crystalline formations in lieu of amorphous gels.

The study introduces the schools of academic research related to the products, presents the methods and tests conducted on the site specimen, and explores the results gathered via data that is further extrapolated upon in a discussion that follows.

Key to the study is the conclusion that draws attention to the indication that the products have “a strong and durable matrix with no deterioration” in the environment they were exposed to.

The study and data can be read in full in Addendum A.

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